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Collapsible Bins


This robust and strong bin is fully collapsible for easy loading and guarantees cost-effective return trips. It offers good protection for product being carried, is fully stackable and improves warehouse space optimization.

features & Benefits
  • arrowAllows for the re-use of packaging.
  • arrowFully collapsible for efficient and more cost-effective return trips.
  • arrowClean: Easy-to-clean non-porous surfaces will not harbour mould and dangerous pathogens. HACCP problems associated with wood are eliminated.
  • arrowStackable, saves warehouse space.
  • arrowDrop door allows for access to bottom bins when bins are stacked.
  • arrowFour-way entry.
  • arrowFootprint nests allowing stable stacking.
  • arrowMoulded top cap allows the unit to be closed when necessary.

Collapsible Pallet Bin – PX Range

External dimensions:1220 mm x 1140 mm x 865 mm
Internal dimensions:1125 mm x 1045 mm x 720 mm
Stacking capacity:5000 kg
Racking load: 1250 kg
Weight: 70 kg
Entry: 4-Way
Material: Polypropylene and high density polyethylene copolymer
Features: Modular, stackable, collapsible and food safe
Variants:Increased or reduced height, with or without lid, drop doors (1 or 2) for easy access

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