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Palogix bins and totes are specifically designed by its manufactures to increase efficiency and reduce waste for growers and packers. Our harvest containers are premium, high pressure injection molded plastic bins and totes, made with FDA-approved materials. Our bins and totes are 100% polypropylene, making them exceptionally strong. Our bins provide superior sanitation, increased ventilation, and weigh up to 40% less than alternative wood bins

Our bins and totes are sourced from the best manufactures with proven track records in the agricultural market for harvesting and storing produce in cold storage. Our heavy-duty bulk containers and totes withstand the daily pounding that harvesting containers typically receive, while carefully protecting the fruits, vegetables, and other products stored inside. 

The bins are highly engineered to protect your produce and reduce damage in the field and during transport, ensuring less wasted food.

The bins are made from Polypropylene and Polyethylene which are non-porous, preventing any water or chemicals from being drawn into the plastic, keeping the contents of the container safe from contaminants. Our processing bins are exceptionally easy to clean, making it simple to maintain high sanitation standards with less effort and time. This greatly improves the ability to comply with HACCP requirements.

The bins are designed with rounded corners and smooth interior to reduce the risk of product scuffs, cuts, and abrasions. The rough surfaces of wood bins can cause splinters that contaminate the food product and make handling the bins a hassle for workers. Ventilation slots throughout the bin improve air flow and heat absorption is reduced which helps your produce keep cool and increases the shelf life and quality! Plastic is a nonporous surface which will not absorb liquids, significantly reducing the risk of contamination from pests, bacteria, and pathogens. The bins are made with a splinter-resistant plastic stands up to the harsh demands of everyday use and reduces maintenance costs, injuries to workers, and damage to your product and equipment.

All of our bins are stackable allowing for higher, and more secure columns when fully loaded with a commodity. The bins are also forklift compatible from all four sides, allowing for easier handling.

When the bins reach the end of their life, the plastic bins and totes are easily recyclable. By incorporating our containers in your harvesting applications, you can be comfortable knowing your company is using environmentally responsible products.