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Who we are

Our Team consists of professionals with diverse backgrounds.  Many of us have a background in Production agriculture, Ag Business, Ag Operations, and Food Processing Management.  It is critical for our staff to understand the importance of our containers for harvest and production usage.  From the time a rental contract is requested we strive to make the renter feel as if they will be picking up inventory from their own facility.  Our goal is to run our operation and maintain our assets at the level of our most efficient and organized customers.  

What we do

Palogix is the premier provider of rental containers for the Fresh Produce industry Globally.  We focus on providing any bulk container used to bring Fresh produce from the field to the packing or processing facility.  Our inventory includes Large plastic bins, plastic totes and lugs and a large variety of specialty containers used for harvesting and moving liquids.  Our large inventory allows us the flexibility to easily manage large requests with tight delivery deadlines.  

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Where we come from

Started in 2004 in South Africa, we have spread to many of the major grower regions around the world including The US, Spain, and Chile.  Headquartered in the Central Valley of California we have 4 depots in California and others in Texas, Florida and Georgia.  We locate our depots wherever a concentration of customers makes it economic for us and them.  In addition, we allow customers to pick up bins and totes from other customers further increasing our network density.

What we believe

Using a consultative, collaborative and flexible approach, Palogix works with companies to develop solutions that ensure a business can focus on its core capabilities.  Our growth over the last 10 years is a direct result of our belief that customers will benefit financially from sharing assets in a rental pool vs owning.  We also are convinced the management of these assets, repair, cleaning, and recycling can be done more efficiently by us and we offer these services to our clients.  Finally, we believe the sharing of these assets by our customers vs. ownership reduces the total number of containers created and contributes to sustainability among the entire Agribusiness and Food Processing sector. 

Where we are going

It is an exciting time to be involved in the transport and storage of bulk food and produce bins globally.  With our international expansion we have positioned the company to take advantage of opportunities provided by new Bins, Totes and Hybrid containers.  Companies throughout the fresh and processed food world are challenged to cut costs globally within their operations.  Use of large corrugated containers to ship one way will become costly and ultimately unsustainable.  New containers such as Hybrid bins and Liquid IBC bins will replace corrugated and Palogix will be at the forefront of providing these new options.