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Palogix International offers varied rental models for clients, from standard to bespoke solutions. Our Agri depots situated in South Africa and America offer both ‘ad-hoc’ and term rental offerings on agri bins to the agricultural harvesting, packing and fruit processing industries.


Through rental a company can avoid the problems associated with owning. The use of your returnable packaging provides the benefit and not the ownership.

Capex funding can limit an organisations operational plans from becoming a reality. Palogix rental and services can provide a solution to address such challenges.

Palogix executives will work with your organization and implement solutions that maximize operational supply chain efficiencies , management and cost efficiencies that can only be achieved through returnable packaging rental solutions.


  • arrowAvoid capital expenditure and outlays. Allowing better utilization of your company's balance sheet and cash resources.
  • arrowDo not appear on your company's balance sheet as a liability thereby strengthening the balance sheet.
  • arrowReduce cash flow requirements. Do not tie up long term capital.
  • arrowProvide flexibility by only renting what is required from time to time allowing matching to specific operational needs and not tying up capital in non-utilised assets.
  • arrowCan be matched to specific longer term projects, where possible packaging obsolescence could occur at end
  • arrowEnsure returnable packaging is always fit-for-purpose.
  • arrowAllow easier budgeting:
    • arrowUnderstand the rate and costs you will be charged for a period of time
    • arrowThe rental rate can be fixed during the term of the agreement, so you can budget for your exact expenditure.
    • arrowThe rental agreement term can be tailored to suit the period of your budget allocation and income patterns.
    • arrowThe payment profile is flexible, with rentals taken monthly or quarterly.
  • arrowAre fully tax deductible, thereby minimizing tax obligations.
  • arrowAvoid having to pay for all of the returnable packaging at the outset therefore enhancing the buying power of your budget.
  • arrowEnsure the use of all the returnable packaging you need from day one, without a large capital outlay.
  • arrowRates can be adjusted to increase or decrease over the term of the agreement to take account of any changes, which you know might happen to your budget.
  • arrowRates are fixed during the term of the agreement and can be tailored to match income patterns. This not only offers a simplified approach to managing expenditure, but may also
         conserve some budget, which can be used for other projects.

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