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Our Rental and Pooling Services

Palogix focuses on providing Returnable Reusable Transit Packaging on a rental basis used to bring fresh produce from the field to the packing or processing facility and liquid or dry food ingredients from suppliers to manufacturers.

Our rental inventory includes large plastic rigid and collapsible bins, plastic totes and lugs, and a variety of specialty containers for harvesting and Intermediary Bulk Containers (IBCs) used for moving liquids and dry products.  Our large inventory and network of depots allows us the flexibility to easily manage large requests with tight delivery deadlines while minimizing transport costs for our customers.  

Our Pooling Services and Solutions

Palogix offers innovative Pooling Solutions of its State of the Art and exceptionally well-maintained Fleet of assets which include:

  • Large plastic rigid and collapsible bins, plastic totes and lugs and a large variety of specialty containers used for harvesting
  • Reusable Intermediary Bulk Containers (IBCs) for handling bulk liquid and dry products across a diverse range of industries including dairy, flavorings, edible oils, bulk protein, cosmetics, non-hazardous chemicals, as well as dry goods, packaging and closures.

Palogix has its own transport capability and national warehouse network ensuring on time, all the time delivery and recovery of all Pooled assets.