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Palogix Vision and Commitment

Palogix is the Global leader in Rental and Pooling Solutions of Returnable and Reusable Transit Packaging in the Produce sector for the fresh fruit, vegetable and nut industries and food ingredient suppliers for both liquid and dry ingredients.

Palogix  facilitates customers transition away from environmentally unfriendly and unsustainable one-way disposable solutions such as wood and corrugated boxes to Returnable Reusable Transit Packaging such as plastic bins, IBCs and totes.

Palogix embraces Sustainability and the Circular Economy while increasing production efficiency and profitability driven by superior packaging solutions.

We have a multi-decade proven track record of providing the most innovative Rental and Pooling solutions using Returnable Reusable Transit Packaging, driving down Total Cost of Business at the same time achieving responsible Sustainability and Food Safety practices. Each customer has a unique solution designed for their specific needs.

Designing these solutions requires a deep understanding of the features and benefits of all the available products and manufacturers in the market and having deep transportation and logistics expertise to design complete end to end solutions, to deliver the best possible outcome for a Customer’s needs.

Business leaders have a responsibility to respond to the current environmental challenges for the benefit of future generations while not compromising on service and profitability. Palogix Rental and Pooling solutions enables customers to successfully meet this challenge.

Palogix recognizes its responsibility and is totally committed to lead in helping our customers support the planet and future generations wellbeing while delivering superior financial results.